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In light of the tragic events in central Nairobi on January 15, visitors to Kenya may be concerned about travelling to the country. However it is important to note the British government has NOT changed its advice on travel to any of our safari destinations or the coast. For further reading please see: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/kenya As is normal, people should take care of their personal belongings and not accept trips or travel from unregulated agencies or touts.

Do I Need A Visa

A visa is required for residents of most countries coming to Kenya. You can apply online at: http://evisa.go.ke/evisa.

When Do I Need To Bring A Passport

You need to show your passport for entry to all parks in Kenya, even those within Nairobi. So don’t forget to bring it with you, you don’t want to miss out.

Do I Need A Vaccination

We recommend speaking to your doctor several months in advance of your travel for advice on what immunisations you may need. Both Malaria and Yellow Fever are present in the country and the following links provide advice on which areas are affected: For a comprehensive list please see the following link: Country List You may be refused entry into or departure from Kenya without valid proof of vaccination if you are coming from, or going to, a country where Yellow Fever is also present. map 3 31 small

How High is Kenya

Kenya is a country blessed with lots of high-altitude terrain. It’s why long-distance runners love training here! And other than Mombasa and the coast, most of the destinations we visit are at high altitude. Nairobi, for example, is at 1795m; the Maasai Mara between 1500m-2100m; Ol Pejeta 1750m-2030m; the Lakes between 990m and 1880m. This may cause you mild altitude related symptoms as your body adjusts to the elevation including headache, fatigue or mild nausea. The best way of dealing with these symptoms is rest and keeping well hydrated. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Symptoms should clear within a few days.


The poaching of elephants and rhino for their ivory and horn is a very serious offence. Purchasing any form of either material as a trinket, souvenir or piece of jeweĺlery is likewise treated with utmost gravity. Please do not buy, if offered, any such item. You face a minimum sentence of five years jail for possession. Trafficking incurs an automatic life sentence.

Environmental Policy

small bags To protect the environment Kenya enforces a complete ban on plastic bags. If you bring any plastic bags with you please ensure you take them home.


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