The Flamingo Lakes Tour

3 - 6 Days

The Flamingo Lakes Tour




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Here's your chance to find your wings by joining our Flamingo Lakes Tour. These beautiful brightly colored wading birds migrate between Kenya's soda Lakes. We'll take you on a tour of the best lakes for bird spotting.

The Beginning

We start off heading north-west from Nairobi over the escarpment and down through Kenya’s Great Rift Valley to Lake Bogoria for our best opportunity to see flamingos.

The birds come to the soda lakes to feed on the algae that grow in them. It is the birds’ diet that makes them pink. After lunch around Lake Bogoria we can enjoy another game drive around its shores where we can get a close up view of these wading birds.

Flamingos have been known to gather in their tens of thousands here. And should they take flight you’ll get an iconic shot that you’ll remember forever.

Alternatively you might like a dip in one of the hot springs here.

A night in Nakuru

We’ll then drive south to overnight at our second soda lake at Nakuru National Park.

Flamingos once flocked here in their thousands, but disappeared as the water level rose. Now they are back! The park is also a sanctuary for dozens of other bird species including heron, pelican and stork.

It’s also a great opportunity to see both black and white rhino, big cats – lions and leopards – as well as the endangered Rothschild giraffe.

Lakes Naivasha & Oloiden

In the afternoon we’ll head further south to overnight at our last set of lakes at Naivasha and Oloiden.

We’ll take a leisurely boat ride around Lake Naivasha or Oloiden where you can marvel at the resident hippos cooling themselves in the lake waters while enjoying the colours of the acacia trees at the shoreline.

There are dozens of bird species here too including fish eagles. cormorants and heron.

Finally before we head back to Nairobi, we’ll lunch at Elsamere, the former lakeside home of Joy and George Adamson of Born Free fame.

There you’ll get the chance to see a delightful troop of the long-haired colobus monkeys.