Mount Kenya

3 - 6 Days

Mount Kenya




5 Years

From 400 $

You can see the sun rise over Kenya’s highest peak at 5199m, before the clouds start to cover the view.

You may choose to drive to the nearest drop off station.

Mount Kenya is a long extinct volcano and is described by UNESCO as one of the most impressive landscapes in East Africa

Mount Kenya


If you take a hike around the mountain you can see some of the beautiful mountain flora.

As well as marvel at the glacier covered peaks.

Suitably equipped you can arrange rock and ice climbing.

The Mountain Club of Kenya has an extensive guide on what to expect



At Mount Kenya Animal Orphanage you can see an amazing variety of endangered species who are cared for and bred.

The orphanage is now home to a staggering 70% of the critically endangered bongo.

The antelope are free to graze around the grounds and staff, like James, will allow you the opportunity to give them leaves to eat.