Kenya National Park

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Kenya National Park




5 Years

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Visiting Nairobi National Park is more than just taking an afternoon drive. How many other city parks can you find wild lion, cheetah and rhino?

Just a few kilometres from the centre of the capital, you can get a taste of what life is like on the large open Savannah.

There are no elephants here as their range is too large, but the park is home to the remaining four of the Big Five – lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo.

It is one of the best places in the country to see endangered Black Rhino up close, thanks to the park’s breeding program.

It’s also a great location to see zebra and giraffe, as well as many different species of antelope.

In total more than 100 animal species and 400 types of birds can be found here.

It’s a great day out that won’t disappoint. The five picnic sites mean you can easily enjoy the whole day here