Hell’s Gate & Mt Longonot

1 - 3 Days

Hell’s Gate & Mt Longonot




5 Years

From 70 $

Take in the spectacular volcanic landscape of Hell's Gate National Park as you wander out of your vehicle.

Hell’s Gate National Park is one of only two parks in Kenya where you are able to wander out of your vehicle to explore the natural beauty of the environment up close. 

Hell’s Gate is situated between Mount Longonot and Mount Suswa volcanoes. The area is covered with ash from a Longonot eruption about 150 years ago.

The dramatic scenery includes two huge volcanic plugs, one of which – according to Maasai legend – is a Maasai girl who was turned to stone before her wedding for disobeying her family. 

There are obsidian glass-like caves as well as hot springs and hot & cold waterfalls.

A popular location for Hollywood filmmakers and that’s before you’ve even spent anytime looking at the bird and animal life.

Hell’s Gate is a trip to exercise your legs and your imagination.


Unfortunately, due to the rough nature of the terrain at Hell’s Gate, this trip is not accessible for disabled travellers.

Mount Longonot

This is a full day hike from the base of Mount Longonot.

You will be able to meet a guide at the base, who can encourage you up the slope and then walk around the crater rim of the volcano.

You’ll get to see the lush vegetation at the core.

And don’t be discouraged by the climb. Amputee Bill Kasanda became the first disabled man to ever complete the hike raising awareness of disability in Kenya.