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Safari is a journey


And as Rahisi Tours takes you on your personal journey around Kenya’s best safari sites we’ll aim to teach you a little about your environment and the flora and fauna you’ll find.


We believe in respecting you the client, the landscape you’re about to see and the animals you’ll discover in it. Conservation is our life blood and the more we can show you we hope you will help us in preserving their lives and their habitat.


We are also committed to giving back to the communities we identify with.


Wheelchair Tour Accessibility

Rahisi Tours also believes safaris should be available to everyone, including the disabled.

Stephanie, one of our directors, is disabled, but that has not prevented her from sampling many of the tours we offer.

She works with a dedicated group of carers to help her go about her daily activities. And this team can help you too.

We are proud therefore to offer wheelchair accessible travel to visitors on request. Please enquire by email for more details.

Our most popular tours

Masai Mara



The ‘Mara’ is the best known safari destination in Kenya. Home to all of the Big Five: Lion, Rhino, Buffalo, Leopard

Kenya National Park

Day Trip


Safari in the city.
Get a taste of what life is like on the open Savannah.

OL Pajeta



Take the chance to see the last two remaining Northern White Rhinos on the planet, kept under 24 hour armed guard

Lake Nakuru

Day Trip


Thìs is a wonderful tour for a little bit of everything – from Flamingo lakes to animal and bird life.




They say elephants never forget and a visit to Amboseli will likewise be unforgettable too, contact us.

The Flamingo Lakes Tour




Here’s your chance to find your wings by joining our Flamingo Lakes Tour. These beautiful brightly coloured wading

Real Life Experience!

Group adventure options

For those who like traveling with friends or family, we offer group tours. You can either gather your own group up to 12 members, or join one of the groups that we form for you and other tourists. Contact us for more details today!

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